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Do you have a passion for working in airlines? Are you planning to start your career in airways jobs? If you are an interested candidate and prefer joining Etihad Airways then you can go through the article that delivers necessary information about Etihad Airways Jobs. By reading this post you will learn the details required for joining Etihad airways and the available jobs.

Well, Etihad Airways is the second national carrier of the United Arab Emirates. It is famous for its excellent service and the food service supplied to the passengers. The headquarter is located in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi. The airline started its operation in November 2003. It provides service to more than 120 passengers and operates over 1,000 flights per week. Since UAE has become one of the popular travel destinations there is a huge flow of passengers every day. Moreover, the airline offers many job positions to deserving candidates.

There are numerous job opportunities for skilled and expert candidates. You can apply for the preferred job as per your ability and expand your skills. Furthermore, you will get the chance to develop your career. The airlines have different career paths. You can choose any paths that suits your capabilities. To deliver perfect customer service the industry requires experienced and trained employees. Hence, there is always a demand for skillful applicants to contribute to the aviation sector. It also plays a vital role in the development of the nation. The main mission of aviation deals with connecting the UAE with the world.

Therefore, if you consider yourself a potential candidate then you have many options to choose from. So, you should study your preference and select the right job for a better career in the future.

What are the advantages of working in Etihad Airways Jobs?

Generally, there are many benefits as an employee of Etihad Airways. And also the advantages of all the airways services are similar to one another. Talking about the advantages of Etihad Airways you will gain a tax-free salary. Moreover, the pay scales for the employees are very impressive. You will receive free accommodation or allowance for housing. Free air tickets are available yearly so that you can travel to your home town. Furthermore, you can also travel to other destinations through Etihad Airways at a heavy discount. There is also a facility of airfare discounts through other partner airlines.

As an employee of the airline, you will get an annual paid vacation. Since the employers believe in the work-life balance the facility is provided to the staff. You will be provided with 30 days annual paid leave. Additionally, concerning the health of the employees as the major priority, you will have health insurance from the company. You can receive any health-related treatment at no charge. Similarly, the employees whose service period has expired will be given a gratuity fund. The sector respects and thanks the service contributed to the welfare of the field. It is generally calculated by offering half month of basic salary if the service is for five years. Or the workers get the payment of 30 days basic salary per annum if the service exceeds five years.

Some of the employees are also benefitted from pension schemes depending upon their service and performance. You will also gain sick leave as health is our precious wealth. The employers supply sick leave so that you can have enough rest and come upon the normal track as soon as possible. Therefore, if you are the one working in Etihad Airways there are additional benefits for the staff.

Recruitment process of Etihad Airways Jobs

The airline believes that the recruitment process should be in two-way processes. It means both parties need to fulfill their requirements. The employer requires finding the best employee for their company and the employee should ensure that the chosen job is suitable for them. Hence, there should be proper communication between the interviewer and the interviewee. A clear interaction results in a perfect selection of the deserving candidates. Moreover, you need to do prior preparation for the application process as you might face failure due to poor construction.

Here we have developed some of the selection processes of Etihad Airways that goes like this:-

  • Application process

To apply for the job in the airways you will require visiting online websites. You can go through the career website of the company’s site and fill the application form. Moreover, you should fill in reliable and necessary information before submission. You need to make sure that you are the potential for the applied job and have the ability to perform it. The application can get rejected if you insert fake information. Since the recruiters need to understand your interest and skills you must provide clear and relevant details. It is necessary to think either the requirements match up with your skills or not. It will be favorable if all the things meet and you consider proving yourself. After the submission of the application, the employers will send you a confirmation message.

  • Screening process

When the application is submitted the recruiting department reviews your profile. They will let you know if you are not shortlisted for further process. But you must not lose hope if you fail in your first attempt because there is always a second chance. Moreover, if the team is interested in your abilities they will make a call to you and ask you some preliminary questions. If they think that you are the best fit for the post then the profile will be forwarded to the hiring manager. The application will be shifted to the assessment stage if the manager also sees potentiality in you. Otherwise, you will receive a call or an email for confirmation.

  • Assessment process

Generally, the recruiting process uses assessment techniques to better understand the applicant’s capability to fit in Etihad culture and work environment. The team will take various tests for the selection process. You will need to overcome the English language test so that they can learn your proficiency in dealing with the people. Moreover, you should face a reasoning test to know your numeric and abstract reasoning ability. In general, this process refers to a job interview. The employer will ask as many questions relating to your personal interest and the work-related. It is very important to do proper preparation before going for an interview. Hence, you should face the challenge and deliver effective opinions to get job employment in the airways.

  • Offer

The last phase of the recruiting process involves the nomination of the best candidate. As there will be a list of many candidates shortlisted for the interview it is not an easy task to choose a talented applicant. They require analyzing the candidate’s qualities and select the potential one. So, it will take time and you should keep patience and wait for the golden call. If the candidate is not referred they will receive a call and also get the reason for rejection. Therefore, you must stay positive for every reason and move forward to attain career goals.

Thus, the company uses the above mentioned recruiting process to choose the right candidate for their service. Since the sector is very large they will seek experienced and skilled employees. So, you must possess essential requirements to stand out from the crowd and be an employee of an airway.

Etihad Airways Jobs

With the huge scope in the aviation sector, Etihad Airways employs foreigners with numerous job opportunities. Moreover, it also demands some criteria that the applicant needs to fulfill. The job career in the airline is very bright and one can expand his skills extensively. As the country has a multicultural environment you will not feel alone and have fun while working in a team. You will also learn about various cultures and religions. Furthermore, you must respect the culture of the country. The people in the UAE are very concerned regarding their cultural values. Hence, it is a must to respect and understand their religion if you prefer living and working there.

Here is the list of the jobs available in Etihad Airways Jobs that includes:-

  • Ticket sales agent

Being a ticket sales agent you are responsible to make outbound calls and respond to inbound calls for selling the tickets. Moreover, you should develop a business network for further sales prospects. You will require preparing the weekly sales reports and identify the possible sales market. Furthermore, you should solve the incoming queries and issues relating to the ticketing. You will have to provide a suggestion for the improvement of the ticketing procedures.

Additionally, you should participate and attend various promotional activities to grab the targeted customers and enhance the flow of clients for purchasing the tickets. To be a ticket sales agent you should complete your Degree in Business or Marketing. As the job relates to customer service you should have proper communication skills to handle the issues raised. You will need to have great presentation skills to promote the sales of the industry.

  • Baggage Handler

The main duty of the baggage handler is to handle the passenger’s baggage. You need to ensure the safety of the baggage and do proper delivery of the baggage to the right owners. Furthermore, you should carry the weighty baggage and communicate with the clients for the delivery process. As a baggage handler, you should be responsible for baggage handling procedures and perform proper documentation and filing of the loaded baggage. You will have to load and unload the baggage and on the aircraft and supply an effective service to the passengers. Hence, you will need to work under time pressure and deliver an appropriate service.

  • Call Centre Agent

As a call center agent, you have the responsibility to respond to the customer’s queries and provide an immediate solution to the problem. You should maintain a strong relationship with the existing customers and grab the targeted clients. Moreover, you need to keep a record of every call and make efforts to meet the potential success. To become an ideal call center agent you require passing a high school diploma. To handle the daily operation you require enhancing strong phone and verbal communication skills. Furthermore, you should understand the customer’s needs and have the ability to perform multi-task activities at once. An agent also knows CRM systems and practices.

Some of the other jobs in airways can be:-

  • Service agent
  • Customer service agent
  • Flight attendant
  • Pilot
  • Freight agent
  • Air traffic control coordinator
  • Loader
  • Aircraft maintenance technician
  • Custodian
  • Cabin crew member
  • Onboard Food and beverage manager
  • Retail sales agent
  • Captain
  • Cadet pilot
  • Airport duty manager
  • Reservation services executive
  • Sales representative
  • Sales support administrator
  • Passenger service agent
  • Cabin attendant
  • Wheelchair passenger service agent
  • Ramp agent
  • Service desk manager

Conclusion for Etihad Airways Jobs

In summary, we can say that a potential candidate has lots of opportunity in the land of UAE. Especially the airfield offers options and benefits to the employee. It is a great boon for the candidates to achieve a job in aviation. As the industry belongs to multinational you can develop your career internationally. You will have a better chance to face the famous and reputed personnel. Moreover, your lifestyle and living standard get changed if you start an aviation job.

You can perform the job having fun and there is work flexibility in the work schedule. The employee will experience different environments working in various shifts. You will have the chance to learn transferrable skills that will be fruitful for every sector. You do not require taking specific training if you have got proper experience in air service. Additionally, the employer provides training to the needed employee to compete in the competitive market. Since there is tough competition among aviation the recruiters wish to have a proficient and reliable employee who will assist them to sustain in the business market.

 Therefore, if your career is to join the aviation area and expand your knowledge then you should have a positive and friendly attitude. You should deal with the clients in a very polite manner and help them with every possible solution.

Etihad Airways Jobs

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