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Are you an ex-pat? Are you planning to move to Kuwait as a foreigner? If you are a deserving candidate and prefer going to Kuwait for employment, you have chosen the right platform. There are lots of job opportunities for people from a foreign land in Kuwait. Hence, we have done some research and created writing for you. It will also provide you with the necessary information about Kuwait Jobs for Foreigners. It will also benefit you if you go through the article and learn the essential requirements for getting an employment opportunity in Kuwait.

Kuwait is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It has the highest currency rate and also provides payment to the employees in dinar. Moreover, the country is famous for its oil and petroleum industries. It is an Arab country that lies between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The official language of Kuwait is Kuwaiti. However, people prefer speaking the English language for communication purposes. Kuwait has more than 70 percent of the foreigners in the nation. Because of the emerging industries, the numbers of people are attracted. And also migrating to Kuwait for job security.

Furthermore, besides having a rapid growth in the petroleum and oil industry, the state also flourishes its business in real estate, sales, and marketing, business and finance, etc. Hence, if you can work in such a company, then without wasting your time, you can apply for the selected post. Hence, it is crucial to match the job with your interest and skills. Since the employer may reject your application, you must select the right job if you could not meet the needs. Applying for a suitable job will deliver work efficiency and also result in sound output. Thus, you should select the correct profession.

How to get a work permit visa as a foreigner?

It is a difficult task to find a job in Kuwait as a foreigner. Since the government is encouraging employers to hire residence, the competition has reached the sky. Numbers of talented workforce are emerging from the nation. Hence, it is quite complex to stand out from the crowd of potential candidates. But you must not lose your hope and be determined to achieve your career goals. Moreover, Kuwait also welcomes foreign workers to contribute to their country. So, there is a massive amount of money if you get the right direction and platform.

Firstly, you will require applying for a work permit visa to do work and live in Kuwait. The country issues three types of residence visas. They are work visas, domestic and dependent visas. Furthermore,  you can enter the country through any one of the visas mentioned. For this, you will require a sponsor; they might be an employer, an ex-pat or a member of a family living there. If you want to enter the nation for work, you should receive a work permit visa from the employer. Moreover, the employer sends a permit visa only to the employees having a valid employment offer. Since the recruiter takes every responsibility for the permitted visa, you will get your residency visa when you arrive in the country. Additionally, you can request your Kuwaiti card after the arrival of 30 days.

Since the process is slower, it may take one to two months to complete all the required formalities of a residence visa. So, it is a must to gain a permit visa before heading to the destination. Moreover, there are other visas like tourist visa, visit visa, and entrance. Thus, a visa depends upon the employee’s requirements, the purpose of travel, and their stay.

Requirements for work permit visa in Kuwait Jobs for foreigners

There are specific requirements that must be submitted to the concerned authority for the visa process. Hence, you must submit all the documents. The requirements include the following list:-

  • A six months valid passport before the expiry date
  • Complete visa application issued by the Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Passport size photo
  • HIV/AIDS test report
  • Medical report from an authorized hospital ensuring good health condition of the applicant
  • Police report with no criminal record

Therefore, after submitting these documents, you will get a No Objection Certificate from the government. It allows you to enter the country and work in the applied company. So, you can also sponsor your family to live in the country after completing a certain period of service.

Pros of working in Kuwait as a foreigner

It is evident that the potential candidate selects the job, not only considering the salary. They also consider other additional benefits provided by the company. Since the benefits help them enhance their work efficiency, they play a vital role in their motivation. Likewise, we know that everyone gets bored and frustrated with regular work and pressure. Hence, to reduce such stresses and encourage the employee for further work improvement, the employers deliver several benefits to their workers. The only reason for choosing Kuwait for employment is free tax income.

Moreover, the employees will have the right pay scale if they are hired for upper-level jobs. You will earn a better salary if you get hired by large companies. Furthermore, the next benefit can be the availability of free accommodation, food, and transport. You can find different companies delivering such facilities. The company also grants free airfare to the workers to go to their home once a year. Therefore, it helps to create a work-life balance. Additionally, the country has a policy of providing health insurance for every employee working in the industries. You do not have to take stress for your health condition as the employer bears the responsibility.

Next, you will be facilitated with paid vacations once a year. Understanding the requirements of the employees, the recruiters allow the workers to leave for travel. Similarly, at the end of the service, the employees obtain a particular fund as gratuity for their service. The managers respect and thank the employees for their contribution to the company. Thus, it creates long term relations with the employers, and some may return to the same company by extending their service period. In addition to it, some employers also supply a pension scheme for the deserving employees.

Finding a job in Kuwait Jobs for foreigners

It is not an easy task to find a job in a foreign land. Due to the challenging business market in the nation finding a job is quite tricky. Moreover, the government gives priority to its residents, then only the ex-pats. To get employment in various sectors in Kuwait, you must have potential. Otherwise, employers might reject your application. So, it is essential to make yourself proficient enough to overcome the competition in the job market. Since millions of people are on the waiting list, you must prove yourself to win the employers’ hearts.

The best way to search for a job in Kuwait is through online job portals. Furthermore, you can find several job websites that publish the latest and new job vacancy. The popular job portals like www.bayt.com, www.Naukrigulf.comwww.indeed.com, monster gulf, world circle gulf, Kuwait jobs, etc., provide several job openings on their site. However, you can directly apply for the suitable post and fill the application form. But it is necessary to remember that you should only apply for the job that matches your skills and abilities. Otherwise, it will only be a waste of time.

Moreover, to do the job in skilled jobs like an engineer, medical specialist, doctors, accountants, teachers, etc., you will require getting the education recognized by the Kuwaiti professionals’ association. Hence, it will increase the chance of being employed by such professionals. Since the country has massive revenue and profit in the oil and petrol industry, employment in such an area is easy. Furthermore, there are also other areas where you can sell your abilities and request for the job position. Additionally, if you have a strong relationship with the family or people living there, it will be a plus point.

Kuwait Jobs for Foreigners

It is vital to study the country before starting your journey. Since the nation might have strict rules and regulations, a person from foreign land must understand. Otherwise, if you break the rule, even the embassy of your home town won’t be able to save you from the punishment. Hence, working in a foreign land is not easy as it looks to the observer. For this, you can take the support of advanced technology internet. You can also search for the country in the search engine and get the required details.

Moreover, Kuwait also has strict laws for their religion. Since the nation belongs to the Muslim culture, they are very strict regarding their cultural value. So, there is a rule for everyone who resides, and travel must follow the instruction and understand their belief and values. Therefore, you will find a welcoming environment in Kuwait as they respect every culture and religion. Thus, as a foreigner, you should also respect their norms and perform accordingly.

In addition to it, here are some of the jobs that are available in Kuwait Jobs for foreigners include:-

  • Account Manager
  • Auditor
  • Maintenance Worker
  • Office Assistant
  • Sales Representative
  • Risk Analyst
  • Teacher
  • Translator
  • Driver
  • Soft Developer
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Sales Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Nurses
  • Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Audio/Visual Technician
  • Senior Solution Architect
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Medical Delegate
  • Career Development and Performance Lead
  • Learning Program Manager
  • Senior Landscape Architect
  • Safety Officer
  • Site Interior Designer
  • Mechanical Engineer

Therefore, Kuwait is the only nation having the highest rate for its currency. Hence, the deserving candidates can earn and live a quality life working in the companies of Kuwait. Besides the job mentioned above posts, several positions can be fruitful for your ability and experience. Because of the nation’s employee benefits, many people are attracted to Kuwait for experiencing the work environment.

The average salary of an employee working in Kuwait

The pay scale in Kuwait depends upon the job post and the service period of the workers. Moreover, there is an impressive salary, even for the lower posts. Since there is no tax payment for salary you can gain more income. Hence, you will have the chance to save more working in Kuwait. We have listed some average salary of the various positions of Kuwait that goes like this:-

S.No. Jobs Position Salary (KWD)
1. Career Advisor 226-537
2. HR Assistant 238-474
3. Tutor 264-624
4. Account Manager 314-1,077
5. Cashier 167-344
6. Client Officer 194-514
7. Custody Specialist 309-828
8. Financial Advisor 260-759
9. Internal Auditor 373-1,054
10. Payment Clerk 202-577
11. Personal Banker 215-747
12. Product Manager 436-947
13. Call Operator 200-430
14. Helpdesk Operator 252-461
15. IT Analyst 353-1,043
16. Programmer 332-914
17. Service Engineer 302-684
18. Software Consultant 351-1,109
19. Digital Marketing Specialist 321-746
20. Graphic Designer 255-563
21. Marketing Specialist 300-680
22. SEO Analyst 273-873
23. Social Media Specialist 242-631
24. Beautician 171-386
25. Housekeeping Supervisor 227-520
26. Plumber 231-521
27. Petrol Station Attendant 160-350
28. Assistant Cook 164-369
29. Catering Manager 360-824
30. Flight Attendant 322-569

Therefore. the salary scale in Kuwait is really good. You will gain quality life and high living standard. So, you should have a strong desire to reach your goals. You also need to stay positive and wait for good things.

Conclusion for Kuwait Jobs for Foreigners

In summary, we can conclude that Kuwait does not provide permanent residency visas to foreigners. Hence, work contracts are temporary. You can extend the stay period but cannot live permanently in the country. Moreover, once you get nominated by the employers, you will gain the opportunity to expand your skills and abilities. You will have to learn more skills from the experts of the company. Hence, it will undoubtedly support you for future jobs in other sectors too.

Furthermore, it would help if you were focused on your planning and click the right button when your turn comes. After applying through the online sites, you should prepare the necessary documents. You should create an updated CV to submit to the recruiting company. So, your CV must supply accurate information about you so that the reader can understand you. Hence, it is necessary to fill the application form with relevant information. Thus, it will let the reader know your interest and capability. Hence, it would be best if you impressed the manager through your first contact with them.

Similarly, if you get a call for an interview, then you should do prior preparation. Since an improper construction fails, you cannot reach your goals. You should study the company and collect the available details. Therefore, it will aid to speak confidently about the company’s recent happenings. It also shows your interest in the job and considers your efforts to search for the company. Thus, you should identify your interest and select the suitable job for productive results. << Are you interest in UAE? >>

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